Professor Arthur W. Frank 
Department of Sociology
University of Calgary
Email: arthurwfrank@gmail.com

        1970 - M.A. - Annenberg School of Communications, University of Pennsylvania
        1975 - Ph.D. - Department of Sociology, Yale University
        1996, Natalie Davis Spingarn Writer's Award, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
        2005, Elected Fellow, Royal Society of Canada
        2007, Elected Fellow, The Hastings Center (bioethics)
        2008, Abbyann Lynch Medal for Bioethics, Royal Society of Canada

Between Friends, by Sandra Bell-Lundy

Major forthcoming publications:
        Letting Stories Breathe: A Socio-Narratology (University of Chicago Press, Fall 2010)
        "Tricksters and Truth Tellers: Narrating Illness in an Age of Authenticity and Appropriation" Literature and Medicine                 
        "The Force of Embodiment: Bodies, Dispositions, and Culture", in The Oxford Handbook of Cultural Sociology, edited by Jeffrey C. Alexander et al.
        "Healer/Patient Interaction: New Mediations in Clinical Relationships." Co-authored with M.K. Corman, J.A. Gish, and P. Lawton, 
            Handbook of Qualitative Health Research, edited by Ivy Lynn Bourgeault et al. (Sage)

Lectures and Appearances

Lecture TitleTopicLocationDate
Stories, Their Stakes, and Socio-Narratology Sociology Department Colloquium Yale University February 18, 2010 
Storytelling as an Enactment of Culture Center for Cultural Sociology Yale University February 19, 2010 
 Conference on Patient-Centered Care Wake Forest University  April 15-16, 2010 
Visiting scholar Literature and Medicine Program Columbia University April 20-23, 2010 
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